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Jean-Marie Delaissé


Professor, Forskningsleder
Jean-Marie Delaissé
Klinisk Cellebiologisk afdeling, Vejle Sygehus

E-mail: Jean-Marie.Delaisse@rsyd.dk




  • PhD, Université catholique de Louvain, 1976
  • Professor, Institut for Regional Sundhedsforskning, 2008



  • Specialechef, Klinisk Cellebiologi
  • Forskningsansvarlig (fokus på bro mellem klinisk- og grundforskning; forskningsområde: knogle)
  • Forskningsuddannelse

Present and previous positions and activities

  • Mechanism of activation of bone remodeling in relation with the rebound effect of “bone resorption inhibiting drugs” used in the clinic
  • Prostate and breast cancer metastasis to bone: critical assessment of the sensitivity of osteoclasts and osteoblasts to the drugs used to treat these patients (as evaluated by using bone markers and cell culture), determinants of the variable sensitivity?
  • Prostate and breast cancer metastasis to bone: discovering the supra-cellular organization of the functional units that support the vicious cycle driving cancer growth and bone loss – response to treatment
  • Why do bisphosphonates (widely used to inhibit pathological bone resorption) also inhibit bone formation?
  • Why do cathepsin K inhibitors (considered as the new generation of anti-resorptive drugs) paradoxically stimulate bone resorption when administered at low dose? (investigation in the context of drug compliance)
  • The newly recognized “aggressive bone resorption mode” of osteoclasts (see “afsluttede projekter”) in relation with clinical situations of acute bone loss. Prevalence in different patient populations, epigenetic determinants? response to drugs, specific features of this resorption mechanism.
  • What is responsible of the age-induced deficiency in pre-osteoblasts? (histological studies combining observations on cancellous bone and cortical bone porosity)
  • Cross-talk between stem cell niches and bone remodeling sites at the bone marrow-bone surface interface: effect of aging and of various types of cancer (histological studies taking into account the multiple cell types present at this interface)

Previous projects

  • Preserving the skeleton of glucocorticoid-treated patients: discovery of previously unknown effects of glucocorticoids on osteoclasts and osteoblasts (studies combining bone markers, histology and cell culture)
  • Multiple myeloma bone disease: discovery of previously unknown effects of myeloma on osteoclasts and osteoblasts (studies combining bone markers, histology, cell culture, new drugs)
  • First evidence that malfunction of the preparative steps to bone formation is the main responsible of pathological bone loss: towards new treatment strategies
  • Identification of a previously unknown source of osteoblasts. Its implication in bone loss in multiple myeloma, aging, glucocorticoid and menopause-induced osteoporosis, and in bone gain upon intermittent PTH treatment: towards new treatment strategies?
  • Time-lapse revealing unsuspected factors controlling the generation of osteoclasts
  • Identification of a previously unrecognized aggressive osteoclast resorption mode
  • First evidence that bone resorption is inhibited by tanshinones (targeting ectosterically cathepsin K): towards a new generation of anti-resorptives?

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Publications and activities

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