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Choice of radiation dose

This is an English translation of the danish ”Valg af stråledosis” patient decision aid. Concerns patients planned to receive high dose stereotactic body radiation therapy for a tumor In the lung located less than 1 cm from the thoracic wall. The patients will be able to choose either high or lower radiation dose. A lower dose will decrease the risk of side effects, but local tumor control might also be decreased. The Danish patient decision aid is being tested in a local randomized trial, SDM Lung SBRT

Subject area   

Treatment, lung cancer or lung metastasis from another primary cancer


  • High dose, 66 Gray in 3 fractions
  • Lower dose, 45 Gray in 3 fractions
  • No treatment
  • High dose, 66 Gray in 3 fractions, pall
  • Lover dose, 45 Gray in 3 fractions, pall
  • No treatment (pall)

Preparation sheet included 


Developed by

Department of Oncology, Lillebaelt Hospital in collaboration with CFFB

Responsible for update 

Physician, PhD-student Thomas Leth Fink, Department of Oncology, Lillebaelt Hospital



Scheduled update

November 2023


For any further questions, please contact Centre for Shared Decision Making.

Users logged into a regional network can access the draft decision aid (pdf)

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