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Foreign applicants

We have closed our international recruitment for the moment as we have no problems filling our vacancies.

As a foreign nurse, you are always welcome to send your resume and an application. We will then contact you as soon as it becomes relevant.

If you are a specialist doctor and would like more information about your career opportunities at our hospital or in Denmark in general, please contact us.

Udenlandske sygeplejersker på danskkursus

Lillebaelt Hospital has family-friendly working conditions with flexible hours, good salary and an environment challenging you to use your clinical skills and to develop personally.  

Lillebaelt Hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark is only one hour from the Danish-German border, close to the international airport in Billund and a two-hour drive from the Danish capital Copenhagen. Lillebaelt Hospital is a medium-sized hospital with 5,000 employees. Among our colleagues are 700 doctors and 1,800 nurses who treat and care for 520,000 outpatients and 60,000 inpatients each year. 

Lillebaelt Hospital 

Lillebaelt Hospital consists of three specialized units in three difference cities.

Kolding Hospital - a modern hospital with highly specialized treatment of acute patients with an operating staff of medical specialists 24/7
Vejle Hospital – leading within cancer treatment and other common diseases and among the best hospitals worldwide in treatment outcomes.
Middelfart Hospital – the region’s spinal and research center
All three units are part of a modern work place striving for quality in treatment and care as well as a good working environment. 

If you are a nurse, look here

Bist du Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger, schau mal hier

If you are a doctor, please sent us an email:

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“I am Daniele Sattarinia, I am Italian an nurse at Lillebaelt Hospital in Denmark.
I found the job online at the EURES website for European nurses. I was looking for jobs in Scandinavian countries; but the offer here in Denmark was the best.

The program is, among other things, based on an intensive language course. You are invited for a recruitment visit for a couple of days at the hospital. I think it is a good idea for the program to have something like that, because I was able to see, how things work here and how the nurses work. It is different from Italy, therefore I was very surprised.

In the program, there was also cheap accommodation, so I was able to maintain my living conditions and study the language while having a nice place to live.

What surprised me the most working here as a nurse, is the attention to details and guidelines, and the good communication between the Doctors and Physiotherapists, Ergo therapists and me as a nurse.

We work in teams every day. In a day shift, I have probably just five patients to deal with. I have time to spend with the patients and I am able to communicate with the patients all the time and have the time to do it.

If you are thinking about moving to Denmark, I suggest that you do it. The salary is good; it is a good place to live. There are many possibilities to build a career and to be happy as a nurse”

- Daniele Sattarinia, Italian nurse at Lillebaelt Hospital

Please contact

International rekrutteringskonsulent Maria Jensen

Maria Jensen

Head of International Recruitment

Human Ressources

+45 51 83 68 67