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We have closed our international recruitment for the moment as we have no problems filling our vacancies. As a foreign nurse, you are always welcome to send your resume and an application. We will then contact you as soon as it becomes relevant.

Udenlandske sygeplejersker

If you consider new challenges as a nurse and want to work and live in a country ranked as one of the happiest nations in the world due to our healthy work-life balance – you are definitely landed on the right place.

Your nursing skills will be valued. You are responsible and accountable for your tasks and you will experience a flat hierarchical structure with mutual respect between units, departments and professions.

Here we have collected some useful information about our hospital, the job as a nurse and the recruitment process itself.

Your workday

You will work within a small care unit with close contact to patients and a wide interdisciplinary team of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other professions.
Your work day offers you exciting and acute tasks within complex patient care pathways in a hospital with a huge patient flow. In this setting, the interdisciplinary team work together to achieve the best possible treatment and care for each patient.

You will be part of our team of both experienced and less experienced colleagues. We value teamwork and social responsibility for each other – injected with a good sense of humour.

We give you intensive and customized introduction to the language, the department and the clinical practice. Professional supervision, mentoring and continuous skills development is part of everyday practice. Together with your colleagues you will be responsible for basic nursing including personal hygiene, nourishment, medication, ward rounds and planning of discharge on 5-6 patients. 

Familily-friendly workweek

Working hours are family-friendly with a 37-hour workweek. We do our best to plan shifts with great consideration to each employee. Your satisfaction is very important to us and results in a good working environment for all.  All employees have a say and an impact on the development of the department, organisation and coherent patient flow.

The salary for nurses is good. Accommodation is payable and there is easy access to excellent and affordable child-care – nursery, kindergarten and after school care.


Recruitment process

We have a fast-track recruitment process which is thoroughly tested and includes

  • an online interview
  • two-day recruitment visit before employment
  • cheap accommodation at the hospital the first 12 month
  • three-month intensive Danish language course with reduced salary
  • customized introduction program at the department with a mentor
  • assistance with application for Danish authorization, tax card, civil registration number, bank account etc.
  • assistance with other practical issues

We ask from you that you

  • have some experience working in a hospital as a nurse
  • can work unassisted and are able to make independent decisions
  • rate the patient’s perspective highly and enjoy involving both patient and relatives in the pathway
  • have high ambitions
  • are a team player and mostly in a good mood
  • take active part in ensuring a good working environment
  • manage basic nursing and find it important
  • are ready to become an active part of a new society
  • are curious and open-minded towards new challenges and other ways of thinking and living
  • are a registered nurse in the European Union

Contact us:

We are always looking for talents and would be happy to hear from you.
If you believe you fit our profile, or simply want to learn more about opportunities for employment at our hospital, please sent us an email:
We will reply with much more information about our job offers.

The hospital has a large group of international nurses waiting to welcome you. You will have the possibility to talk to one of them if you want to know more about working here. Just let us know and we will sent their contact information.

Please contact

International rekrutteringskonsulent Maria Jensen

Maria Jensen

Head of International Recruitment

Human Ressources

+45 51 83 68 67