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Animated film on Shared Decision Making

Many patients do not know the term “shared decision making” and what it entails. In our efforts to help and educate, we have made this animated video illustrating the key elements of shared decision making. Maybe, healthcare professionals will also find it informative.

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Who are you really? What makes you different from everyone else? Somethings are obvious to everyone around you, but others only become clear when you talk about them.  

Many achievements and experiences throughout your life have shaped you into the person YOU are. No two lives are the same.

When dining in a restaurant, you choose from the options on the menu, depending on what you would like, how hungry you are, and what you know you don't like.

You do this because YOU are an expert at being you. This is also the same when, for example, you go to the hospital. The healthcare professional is an expert in treatments and diagnoses, but they know nothing about you! …Not yet anyway. Based on the knowledge you have about yourself and the expert knowledge of the healthcare professional, you can work together to identify the best choice for you.

It´s not a matter of you standing alone with responsibility for the decision. Using your knowledge of who you are, the healthcare professional can better support you in making the right decisions. Regarding your treatment, for example. Remember, It’s you who will have to live with the decision, so it’s important that you carefully consider what it will mean for you. You may even want your close family and friends to help you. We call this "Shared Decision Making".

You are not being difficult because of who you are or when you express your wishes or demands and ask questions, about your treatment, for example. Sometimes you might find it difficult to decide what really matters to you and what is important. The healthcare professional can help you when considering these matters.

The healthcare professional is there to help you! And you are there to help the healthcare professional to learn more about you! Together you can help one another to take the very best care of YOU!